Contractor Directory

Name: Barhaugh, Lee
Company: Ragnars R&R
Business Phone: 788-3295
Home Phone: 466-2254

Name: Bennet, Mike
Company: Mike Bennet Enterprises
Business Phone: 590-3209
Other: Rental Property Maintenance, Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance, and Repair

Name: Birnel, Mike
Company: Spring Creek Plumbing
Business Phone: 590-4739
Home Phone: 466-5981

Name: Bouma, Chad
Company: Highmark Construction
Business Phone: 406-590-3446

Name: Brutosky, Brian
Company: B&R Maintenance
Business Phone: 466-2721
Other: Heating and Air Conditioning

Name: Carpenter, Merv
Company: At Home Flooring
Business Phone: 466-2200
Other: All Flooring, from Tile to Carpet

Name: Christensen, Fred
Company: Christensen Construction
Business Phone: 466-2429
Cellular: 590-3246
Other: Custom Homes, Cabinets, Finish Work, Concrete, Remodels, Siding, Windows, Doors, Roofing (Metal or Shingles), Painting, Decks, Etc.

Name: Cross, Tom
Company: Tom Cross Electric
Business Phone: 885-8658